As transit rapidly evolves, so does UTA

Ridesharing. Autonomous vehicles. Microtransit. Mobility-as-a-Service. Smart roads. Connected vehicles. Mobility-on-Demand. Public-Private Partnerships. Shared Use Mobility.

New terms. New ways of getting from one place to another. No longer pipe dreams. They’re here or just around the corner.

Long centered on traditional transit services – like fixed-route bus and rail service, which are great for connecting major residential areas with large employment centers – adapting to our changing world is key to UTA’s, and Utah’s, continued success.

New services and technologies provide exciting opportunities to meet challenges that have long vexed both transit agencies and riders: Bridging the “first mile/last mile” gap. Better serving communities with low population densities. Meeting unique needs of underserved groups.

We’re excited about the future. Learn more about what UTA is doing to move people into tomorrow.

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