Utah Valley University (UVU) Campus

1/19/2018 Construction Update

Construction Progress In This Segment

UVU campus BRT station

BRT station platform work is ongoing on College Drive. Traffic is not affected.

University Parkway Orem (400 West - 800 East)

1/19/18 Construction Update

Construction Progress In This Segment

Prelim. removals on Univ. Pkwy at University Place

Storm drain installation is underway through the 800 E. intersection.

Platform construction for BRT stations continues in the median near the 400 W. and Main St. intersections.

Eastbound: Curb, sidewalk and irrigation installations continue between 200 W. and Main St. Road base placement, signal and lighting work and landscape wall, curb and sidewalk installations continue between Main St. and 200 E. Concrete removals for roadway reconstruction continue from 200 E. to State St. (University Crossing) and utility relocations (gas, water) are underway. Storm drain installation begins next week.

Westbound: Irrigation and landscaping installations begin from 200 E. to 400 W. Utility relocations (fiberoptic, water) begin next week from State St. to 800 E. (University Place).

Traffic Impacts

  • Intermittent lane restrictions and left-turn lane closures begin Mon., Jan. 22 and continue for the next few weeks at the Univ. Pkwy/800E intersection in Orem to accommodate utility work. Drivers are advised to reduce speeds and use detours as necessary.
  • Univ. Pkwy traffic has been switched to the outside lanes between 400 W. and 200 E. Motorists are advised to reduce speeds and watch for lane shifts with the new traffic pattern.
  • Left-turns are permitted only at signalized intersections. Left-turns are not permitted in mid-block sections over solid double yellow lines. Please be safe and make left-turns into businesses only at traffic lights.
  • Business accesses are being maintained. On-street parking has been eliminated.
  • Sidewalk is closed on both sides of Univ. Pkwy between State St. and Main St. in Orem and pedestrians are detoured to 1200 S.

University Parkway Diagonal (800 East, Orem - University Avenue, Provo)

1/19/18 Construction Update

Construction Progress In This Segment

University Parkway at 550 West

Sound wall fabrication is underway.

BRT station construction continues at 550 W.

Concrete barrier and irrigation installations continue from 550 W. to Freedom Blvd.

Lighting installations are underway on the Provo River bridge.

Traffic Impacts

  • Traffic has been shifted to the outside lanes along the Univ. Pkwy diagonal to accommodate reconstruction in the roadway median. Motorists are advised to reduce speeds(40 MPH speed limit) and watch for lane shifts. Left-turns are permitted into businesses only at signalized intersections.

Trail Impacts

  • The Provo River Parkway Trail is open under the University Parkway bridge.
  • The College Connector trail is open on the new surface down the diagonal.

Bus Detours

  • Bus stops in the area of 550 W. University Parkway have been temporarily discontinued, and temporary stops (817036 and 817086) on the detour using 2230 N. are in place.


When the new bridge and roadway are complete, there will be three traffic lanes in each direction and room for the BRT in the middle. The College Connector bike route will provide bike access throughout this area.

Brigham Young University (900 East)

1/19/2018 Construction Update

Prelim. utility worl for BRT station construction at the stadium

Storm drain installation and BRT station platform work continues on the BYU campus: Univ. Pkwy at the stadium and MTC, and utility relocations continue for station construction at 900 N./700 E.

Traffic Impacts

  • Intermittent lane restrictions, sidewalk detours, and flagging operations will be effective in station work zones through spring 2018.

700 North Provo (700 North - 500 South)

1/19/18 Construction Update

700 North

Landscaping installations continue along the 700 N. corridor.

BRT station construction continues at 400 E.

Traffic Impacts

  • 700 N. is opened to thru-traffic from Univ. Ave. to 700 E. Roadway shoulders remain closed. Motorists are advised to reduce speeds and watch for construction vehicles and equipment.
  • On-street parking is NOT permitted along 700 N. between Univ. Ave. and 700 E. Citations will be issued for vehicles parked in this zone.
  • Pedestrian access is being maintained at intersections. To maintain public safety, pedestrians and bicyclists are advised to stay out of the roadway work zone and remain on the sidewalk and walkways at intersections.


  • UTA bus Routes 830 and 831 will use 800 N. between 700 E. and University Ave.

University Avenue Provo (700 North - 500 South)

1/19/18 Construction Update

Construction Progress In This Segment

University Avenue, Center Street to 100 North

Southbound: Utility relocations (water) continue and sidewalk prep and installation are planned next week from 100 N. to 200 N. Removals are expected to begin during the week of Jan. 29 from Center St. to 100 N. Sidewalk installation is underway from 200 N. to 300 N. Excavation, road base placement and storm drain installation continue from 300 N. to 750 N.

Northbound: Sidewalk installation and concrete paving continue from 400 S. to 200 S. Irrigation installations continue from 400 N. to 750 N.

Traffic Impacts

  • The eastern leg of the Univ. Ave./200 S. intersection is closed for reconstruction.
  • Roadway shoulder closures are effective in the Univ. Ave. work zones and on-street parking is restricted. All travel lanes remain opened and business accesses are being maintained.
  • Alternate business parking is available at locations shown on the map below as well as the opposite sides of Univ. Ave. from where construction is occurring. Sidewalk access to store fronts is being maintained and flaggers are present to assist pedestrians in some areas.

Provo Station/East Bay

1/19/2018 Construction Update

Storm drain installation on East Bay Blvd. in Provo

Storm drain installation resumes at the 180 E. intersection in preparation for BRT station construction.