Student Passes

Schools can participate in a discounted pass programs for their students. Through these programs, students can buy electronic fare cards from UTA at a reduced rate.

If your school is a program participant and sells UTA student passes online, click the link for your school below for pass details. If you are attending a school not listed, click Other and follow the instructions.

For more information on this pass program, please call (801) 287-1931, or email

School Pass Programs for Administrators

Are you looking for better transportation options for your students, faculty, and staff? Now is a great time to explore a UTA Ed Pass Program. As an Ed Pass Program partner, you can get electronic UTA passes for your school or institution at discounted rates. Your students will have a convenient, environmentally-friendly way to travel to campus. They can even study while they ride the train or bus. Your institution will benefit from becoming an Ed Pass partner, too. With more of your campus using transit, you’ll make a difference in reducing pollution and improving air quality. You’ll also be able to save limited land resources and infrastructure costs for parking.

Ed Pass Program Partners

Schools and education institutions big and small take advantage of UTA’s Pass Program. They see the value in giving students, faculty, and employees more transportation options while doing their part to improve air quality. Some School Pass Program Partners include:

How it Works

Pass Program Partners typically have employees and students register for a UTA Ed Pass. Some institutions are able to use their electronic student ID cards. Other schools issue a separate card. As students and employees ride UTA, they tap their electronic pass on a card reader located at UTA TRAX and FrontRunner stations or inside a UTA Bus. Then, they tap when they get off the service or when transferring between UTA modes. As the Ed Pass Program manager, you are able to see the total amount of trips taken each year for reporting purposes.

Contact an Agent

We recognize that every school is different. UTA offers customizable Ed Pass Programs to fit your needs. Please fill out the form below to talk with an agent who can share program options and answer questions.