UTA is developing a 30-year Long-Range Transit Plan — called UTA Moves 2050 — focused on understanding and responding to the future needs of the communities we serve. The goals of UTA Moves 2050 are to strengthen partnerships with these important communities, assess long-term transit needs, develop a system-wide vision for the future, and establish strategies for implementing that plan.

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Welcome to the UTA Moves 2050 Interactive Mapping Activity and Survey

UTA needs your input!

There is still time for you to complete the survey and have your voice heard before we start analyzing all the information we’ve received.

Your answers to this survey will inform us about which projects are and will be most important to the community, even 30+ years into the future. Any individual question can be skipped if it doesn’t apply to you or if you prefer not to answer. All answers are anonymous.

The comment map will be open through Saturday, September 30.

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