Flex routes combine the convenience and affordability of public transit with the ability to access off-route destinations. Flex routes run on a fixed route and schedule, but unlike regular buses, passengers can request a deviation or a special stop up to ¾ of a mile from the regular route. Route deviations are available to all riders but need to be scheduled no less than two hours before a trip and no more than seven days in advance.

Flex routes are designed to allow for route deviations without creating excessive delays for other riders on the bus. For this reason, flex routes are typically short, flex bus stops are farther apart than regular fixed route stops, and the number of route deviations are monitored to ensure the overall operating schedule can be reasonably maintained. Flex routes are limited to two deviations per trip, and deviations are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Route deviations cost riders $1.25 more than regular bus fare. Information about flex routes and flex route scheduling is available here.

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