UTA is bringing back the fun in transit! Our aim is to enhance riders' overall experience of using public transportation in a way that makes it enjoyable, engaging, and even entertaining. This could involve various initiatives such as rider challenges, interactive elements, or community events to create a more enjoyable and positive atmosphere during transit journeys. The ambition is to make public transportation a pleasant and memorable experience that adds value to our riders' routines.

Art Crawls

Embark on a self-guided tour, traversing the vibrant streets and hidden corners of our creative community. These guides will take you through an array of gardens, sculptures, murals, and more. Click on your city and let curiosity be your guide!


Coloring Pages

Unleash your artistic side and bring UTA to life with our coloring pages. Whether you're a transit enthusiast or simply looking for some coloring fun, you can now print your very own UTA-themed coloring page right here! You can also get yours from our FrontRunner hosts.

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