RidePilot is an open-source software and dispatching software that is designed for the small to medium sized transportation organizations, primarily 15-30 vehicles. RidePilot gives the dispatcher the ability to manually create a manifest that optimizes the drivers time and resources.

RidePilot allows for the scheduling and planning of paid or volunteer drivers. It allows for the driver to put in a regular schedule, an updated schedule for the next two weeks, and schedule vacation time.

RidePilot has an Android mobile app for drivers. This app contains a pre-trip inspection, driver manifest, link to the mobile device's directional app (Google Maps), and emergency messaging back to the dispatcher.

RidePilot gives an organization a robust and intuitive vehicle management system. This system can track a vehicle scheduled maintenance, warranty, and mileage information.

RidePilot Lite

RidePilot Lite is an open-source software built specifically for the purpose of making it easier for grant sub-recipients to report on their number of one-way trips and vehicle information. RidePilot Lite takes the great features of the vehicle management system from RidePilot and adds a simple interface for the user to enter in their mileage, vehicle name, and one-way trips for the day.

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