The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), in partnership with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), announced today the launch of its new Autonomous Shuttle Pilot Project. The shuttle will be deployed for the next year, traveling to different communities throughout Utah.

The autonomous shuttle will give the public its first look at a completely autonomous vehicle – meaning there is no driver, steering wheel or pedals. The autonomous shuttle operates up to 15 miles per hour and follows a predetermined route. It is equipped with a full range of sensors to react in real-time to other vehicles, pedestrians and any obstacles in its path. The shuttle will not be on main roads and will always have a host on board.

UDOT and UTA are testing this driverless technology to identify more opportunities to improve safety in Utah by decreasing the possibility for human error. Additionally, they are looking at how this technology can help provide increased mobility and access to individuals who are not able to drive themselves. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that human error is responsible for 94 percent of crashes.

The public can ride the shuttle at various locations in Utah throughout the next year. The Autonomous Shuttle Pilot Project will begin its tour at Station Park in Farmington in May 2019. Other locations are being selected based on proximity to current transit options, a broad population of travelers and a large number of visitors. The sites will include university campuses, multi-use shopping centers, business parks and more.

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