Activities Beyond Duties

  • Operators are not touching fares, rather just using a visual check.
  • To keep both the operator and the rider safe, operators are behind a temporary plexiglass separator.
  • They’re encouraging rear boarding and staying behind the new yellow line that allows 6’ between operators and riders.
  • They continue to assist ADA riders through front-door boarding.
  • They have been provided masks and most wear them.


Send a note, brighten their day

Yes, superheroes wear uniforms. The red, white and blue of UTA. You might recognize them as your friendly operators. But to us—and the world—they’re superheroes for what they do each and every day.

That’s why we invite you to join us by saying thank you. Send a personalized message to the operators on the front lines today using the form below.

Thank-you notes from the community:

  • “Janis is the best! Always kind and compassionate to passengers. I have noticed all the extra precautions she is taking for keeping everyone safe.”
  • “I don’t have a specific employee to thank, but I ride the 455 or 470 to and from work often, and I appreciate all the drivers who run that route. Just wanted to give them all a shout out for being great public servants during the good times and the bad!”
  • “Kevin has always been so kind to me and my family! We have been riding for years and he is just a great guy! Stay safe out there, Kevin!

How UTA Is Keeping Employees Safe

  • Providing hand sanitizer and appropriate PPE to operators and employees.
  • Daily disinfecting of all vehicles, stations and facilities.
  • Operators and Transit Police officers are not handling passes and will be conducting visual fare inspections only.
  • Operators are now opening doors after arriving at stations so riders don’t have to press the button to open the door.


Operator Thank You Form

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